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    Asked by: Tyler P.
    What networks are compatible with wifi printers? Do they have wireless print transceivers built in?
    • Answer Any standard 802.11b/g/n network, that is just about any wireless network sold in the past five years, will work with a ...
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    Asked by: Tiffany V.
    I need new accessories for my mp3 player. Where can I find the best prices on an assortment of accessories?
    • Answer To tell you the truth, the best prices you will find are basically on eBay. You may have to wait an extra two days or so...
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    Asked by: Kimberly P.
    I've been shopping around for a new phone, and see mention that some are unlocked. What's the difference between unlocke...
    • Answer Normally a cellphone comes discounted from a service provider. An unlocked cellphone isn't, instead it's being sold as n...

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