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    Asked by: Richard V.
    How do I transfer files using Bluetooth? Are all new computers Bluetooth enabled these days?
    • Answer Bluetooth capability is common on laptops but uncommon on desktop computers. In any case a Bluetooth adapter can be inst...
  • 2Answers
    Asked by: Cameron P.
    I need a new printer. What is the cost of a Samsung laser printer?
    • Answer Samsung is one of the best brands on the market and their laser printer is top notch. While many places sells it for di...
  • 1Answers
    Asked by: Tyler B.
    My son got an xbox 360 live gift card for his birthday but we don't have our xbox hooked up to the internet. What, if an...
    • Answer You will need an dsl or cable internet connection in your home. Then you will have to get an ethernet cable to connect t...

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